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Debut of Goodbaby’s Intelligent and Fashionable Products in 2018 China Kids Expo
2018-10-24 / Corporate news

Debut of Goodbaby’s Intelligent and Fashionable Products in 2018 China Kids Expo

Goodbaby participated in the China Kids Expo hosted by China Toy & Juvenile Products Association in Shanghai New International Expo Center from 16 to 18 October 2018.The Group displayed a variety of innovative products under its own brands, especailly the strategic brands Cybex and gb, at its exhibition booth that spanned nearly 2,000 square meters.

Goodbaby Group, which is one of the global industry leaders of innovation and often recognised for its high quality and standard products, released Everna-Fix, an intelligent safety seat for high-speed car. Combining technology with stylish design, Everna-Fix meets the safety standards in a car crash test at the speed of 80km/h and is equipped with an intelligent alert system that reminds parents not to leave their baby behind in the car.

Beside Everna-Fix, the Group exhibited the world’s first carbon-fiber stroller, gb Swan. It weighed 6 kilograms only and was equipped with a seat that can turn around, allowing the child to face forward or its parent. Its front and rear wheels can rotate to make it easy to manoeuvre the stroller. gb Swan had received the award, the “Red Dot: Best of the Best” earlier this year and has also recently won the “China Good Design Gold Award” and the “Golden Pin Design Award”, which is known in the design industry as an achievement equivalent to the film industry’s “Golden Horse Award”.

In addition, a series of gb-branded consumable products for maternal and baby care and apparel were also exhibited at the booth, which were met with enthusiastic responses from the visitors.

In addition to gb’s innovative products, the Group also released trendy products for parenting under another of its brand, Cybex, at booth E4.

The trendy product series “Rebellious” under CYBEX

The bold and avant-garde design of the product series “Rebellious” under CYBEX reflected the passion for life and rock and roll as well as the characteristics of youth such as bravery, boldness, optimism and confidence.

The fashionable product series “CYBEX for Scuderia Ferrari”

The fashionable product series “CYBEX for Scuderia Ferrari” features modern design and high-quality fabrics. It embodies excellence and high performance of the racing division Scuderia Ferrari, carrying over the enthusiasm from the race track to the city streets. The product series also demonstrates the passion for parenting.

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