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Goodbaby Group Hires Chief Scientist to Accelerate Technological Innovation
2019-04-23 / Corporate news

Goodbaby Group Hires Chief Scientist to Accelerate Technological Innovation

April 19 2019 was a milestone for Goodbaby Group—it successfully held the ceremony of recruiting its Group Chief Scientist and kicking off technological innovation projects. Goodbaby will accelerate its innovation initiatives to lead the innovation trend of the industry and realize a leapfrog in technological innovation.

Mr. Zhenghuan SONG, Founder and Chairman of Goodbaby Group, presented the offer of “Chief Scientist” to Mr. Jianrong TAN, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, during the ceremony. The Group also signed partnership with Jiangsu Qingtao (Kunshan) Energy Development Limited and Jiangsu University to jointly build Suzhou Goodbaby & Qingtao Technology Service Limited and a joint R&D Center of children safety car seats.

Academician Tan is a Distinguished Professor, doctoral supervisor, Dean of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Zhejiang University and an expert in mechanical engineering and AI. Goodbaby cooperates with Academician Tan to explore the application of advanced technologies—AI, 5G, IoT—in the juvenile industry. Academician Tan will lead technological innovation in Goodbaby by providing consultation and promoting the R&D and implementation of projects.

According to Chairman Song, “Technological innovation lays the foundation of the survival and development of an enterprise. It constitutes the core competitiveness. Cooperating with Academician Tan and top-class technological teams is to accelerate the pooling of talents and technologies in Goodbaby, which will help Goodbaby in its leapfrog forward. Goodbaby has become a global brand thanks to innovation. Facing up to the new era, new opportunities and the new target of ‘building a global eco-system in the juvenile industry’, Goodbaby requires more from talents and technologies.”

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